miércoles, 27 de octubre de 2010

38- Treintiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii YAY!

Yesterday was a day that seemed so far away.. And it came, it's almost incredible. I mean, if only 39 days separates me from Disney I could say I'm about to leave Argentina! Haha.. At least I feel that way!..  
And now, at two o'clock in the morning, I'm getting closer!

checklist x

First interview / Presentation
Proof of student status
Second presentation
Second interview
Health Insurance
Criminal backgroun check
Pay ICANA's fee (to schedule my appointment)
Info session  
American Embassy (nervous!)
Plane tickets 
Plane seats  
Lists (we were supossed to do that last Saturday, but it never happened)
& more things, dreams, expectations.
First & second meeting as official Cast Members (At Peter Pan's house & Starbucks)
DS160 form (I really hope it's ok.. Today I gave my visa photo another try, I had to do it again!)
Pay Sevis Fee (I should do it tomorrow)
Pre- departure meeting
Ds2019 form (no more forms, please! I've had enough!)

3 comentarios:

emilii dijo...

i love your lists!!! estamos caaada vez mas cerca! te das cuenta de eso?? no falta nada.GRACIAS por escucharme siempre!

AS dijo...

NO MORE FORMS PLEEEEEEASE.. :P Viste que te dije que en los treinti me iba a agarrar un ataque.. bueno, está pasando jajaja

sophie - dijo...

Emi: De nada amiga! cuando lo necesites :D
Anisofi: noo! por favorr! lo revisé varias veces y aún tengo miedo de haber escrito algo mal.. Y si, ataque de treintis es totalmente aceptable!