viernes, 29 de octubre de 2010

36 days! Almost a month!

check list x

First interview / Presentation
Proof of student status
Second presentation
Second interview
Health Insurance
Criminal backgroun check
Pay ICANA's fee (to schedule my appointment)
Info session  
American Embassy ( more nervous!)
Plane tickets 
Plane seats  
Lists (Started them today, girls check your inbox!)
& more things, dreams, expectations.
First & second meeting as official Cast Members
DS160 form 
Pay Sevis Fee (done yesterday)
Pre- departure meeting  (yesterday.. I really like our Cast Members team!)
Ds2019 form (done.. I think, hahaha)
Go to the doctor
Collect some important documents/ papers

Today's night: Cast Members Dinner! :)

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emilii dijo...

i ve checked my inbox many times since the day you post this post... so: we havent written down many things! we are in a huge problem!!!