miércoles, 17 de noviembre de 2010

On November 17th there're 17 days left until I begin my journey

checklist x

First interview / Presentation
Proof of student status
Second presentation
Second interview
Health Insurance
Criminal backgroun check
Pay ICANA's fee (to schedule my appointment)
Info session  
American Embassy ( ahhhh it makes me feel really nervous!)
Plane tickets 
Plane seats  
Lists (every day I make up a new list, haha)
& more things, dreams, expectations.
First & second meeting as official Cast Members
DS160 form 
Pay Sevis Fee
Pre- departure meeting 
Ds2019 form 
Go to the doctor 
Collect some important documents/ papers (I am still waiting for some documents)
Buy clothes for traditions (done it today, with my beautiful momager, haha)
Print some photos
Buy suitcases 
Finish my exams 
Send some e-mails (I am still doing it...)

+ tea time with Flopi +Nietzsche + rehearsals + HP3 (yess! I'm also doing a Harry Potter countdown. I'm going to the cinema this Saturday to watch Harry Potter & the deathly hallows - I already got my ticket- so I'm spending a few hours of my days enjoying HPmovies.. On Monday I saw the first, yesterday I saw the second -well, actually, I'm watching them with my brother- and it goes like this.. there's no need to be a genius to understand how it works, haha..)

2 comentarios:

emilii dijo...

im going to the cinema on sunday! i cant wait, but you MUST promise que no me vas a contar nada, si?

sophie - dijo...

Of course I won't!! :D
It will be amazing :D can't waitttt!